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Photoblog: The Posed and The Unposed

No activity can be more relaxing than hanging out with friends in nature.

My favorite place to watch the serenity of the sky I found on the outskirts of the city during my highway rides. A byway into the Surat-Kolkata national highway at the junction where it crosses Dhule, forms perfect environs to watch the splendor of the sunsets live.

My tree-friends joining in the photo with their candid emotions

I would love to visit this place almost every evening till few years back. Each of them sang a new song for me, told a new story. This evening was the rare golden. The sky was radiating its goldenness through its enchanting hues. I was storing the peace in my heart as a medicine to cope with the reality of my life's restrictions. The serenity, though not a measurable quantity, it's the life-force for my writing, breathing, and living.

Two of my friends must have felt disappointed upon watching how I was busy with my photography ignoring them. They joined in the photo-shoot with t…

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