Artwork: Togetherness

An artwork on the theme 'Togetherness'. 

I was working on an idea to create something on the theme 'letting go'. Surprisingly, upon finishing it my initial idea turned out to be on togetherness instead of letting go.

It's necessary to let go of unhealthy, negative emotions. However, the emotions of love and togetherness occupy the unwavering place in our heart.

Image: Togetherness -- an artwork by Mohini Puranik

When the heart expresses its emotions what it creates is a surprise even for the creator. 

The voice of the heart didn't stop creating with this painting. It has shared a poem for this creation as well. I will share the poem soon on our beloved poetry temple Narayankripa. Watch this space for the link to the poem.

Update: The poem inspired by this artwork 'Our Togetherness' is live on our poetry blog Narayankripa. Also blogged in other languages. Like various forms of arts languages may change but the soul expressed in poetry doesn't.

All versions: 

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