Aboli: The Quiet Smiles

Their quiet happiness enchants me.

Image: Aboli flowers with their quiet smiles

Aboli flowers happily enjoying their day among the fallen, dried and green, sappy leaves together. 

In Maharashtra, they are known as Aboli. Light orange is named after their color - aboli. In Marathi language, my mother-tongue, aboli translates as a quiet person. 

It doesn't matter if they are exceptional or not. They enchant me for their serenity in their smiles. For their quietness. Their presence shares a delight without them saying anything. They don't radiate fragrance and don't need it. Their easy availability in all weather conditions without needing special soil and care doesn't make their existence less significant. They matter for what they are. 

Watching their bloom feels like plenty of poems blooming in a poet's heart.

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