Smiling Wildflowers

Today my sweet smiling friends have come  to meet all of you. 

They have something to share with you,

Image: Yellow Buds of wild flowers

Are you looking at our Shy smiles?..:-)

We are going to meet our new life when the sun rays will touch us, our dreams are already making us smile.

Image: White wild flowers in the sun rays
Beauty lies in the bright smile and simplicity. We love to smile always, even when nobody is around to notice our beauty. :-) and no need to tell how do we feel when we are with friends like you. :-)

Image: White wild flower
Friendship brings the smile on my face and I have found a new friend today, that's 'You'! :-)

We are best friends, we love to spread smiles. Wanna join our 'Club of Smiles'?

What's needed to stay happy and smile?  - Just a Smile! 

Image:White wild flower surrounded by plants and stones

Heyyy! beauty secret is 'my sweet innocent smile!' You are smiling now, I know!..:-)

Image: Little yellow flowers

We are happy always, in all circumstances...! No matter where do we live, what we have to face. That's the secret of happy life. know what? We are the happiest today, because we met you...a new smiling friend! 
Image: Golden beautiful flowers

Make someone smile everyday! But you have to smile first to give the world precious smiles.

Image: Golden yellow flower with big stone

I make even stones Smile..! Then, no wonder, golden heart person like you are smiling meeting me. 
Image: Golden yellow wild flower

The golden rule of life: The God has given you everything because you can smile and make someone happy in this world. The love in your heart, reflects in your smile. 

You are born to make this world happier and smiling...So....just Smile...:-)

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