Photoblog: Sky 2017 - The Sky of Optimism

As we are approaching the end of the year 2017 it's the time for the year roundups of news and incidents which impacted 2017. For our photoblog, I thought to capture the sky of 2017, especially in the last month of this year to evaluate the impact of this year.

Let's see how much sky has changed in the year 2017.

Image: Sky spreading hopes

Strange to see! The cottony-white gown adorning the stunning blue sky. It is just like as it is every day, serene. 

Image: The sky reaffirming our faith in optimism

"Today is 29th December of 2017 or whether it is 30th or 31st, every day, irrespective of what the date is I am here 'present' to spread the hope everywhere in the world." The sky tells me. 

Image: Sky reassuring peace

"There are storms. 
There are cyclones. 
Rains and droughts. 
But there wasn't a single moment when I was not present. 
And it's my unchanging promise there will not be a single day, a single moment without me. 
I am present always, 
today, tomorrow and forever. 
I am the hope, I am peace."

Image: Sky blessing the light of hope

"Days, months and years will change,
but not me.
I am your light,
I am your life."

Image: The timeless sky

"Welcome the new year 2018 with renewed hopes.
Always remember, I am with you every single day
I never change still I am 'new' each moment. Timeless. Eternal.
With You."

Wish you a very happy new year 2018 dear friends. 

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  1. Such an inspiring post to end the year, Mohini. The sky indeed is there everyday assuring us about the timelessness and newness of life every single moment, every single day! A very happy, healthy, successful and joyous 2018 to you my dear.

    1. Thank you dear Arti for your comment and heartfelt wishes for the new year. :) Wishing you the same, dear! :)


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