Photoblog: Beauty Branches

The nature doesn't need a particular set of defined terms to exhibit its beauty and so to soothe our souls. The cluster fig tree, the inspiration for many of my poems, caught my attention recently by the strange beauty its branches held.

Image: Beauty branches fig tree

Most of the leaves have fallen already. The branches bearing no fruits yet. They are becoming more and more alone. Still, they are calm like they always look as if they are getting immersed in a deep meditative state.

Image: Sunlight beauty branches

The sunlight shone on the branches appears to be honoring their beauty by accentuating it. Inner calm reflects the truest beauty.

Image: Calm beauty branches

Those thick and thin branches wave in stillness like a yogi who has realized unwavering peace and 'Oneness' in their heart.

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Morning Sungift

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