Life's Beauty in Black and White Photography

This month I participated in 7 days black and white photography challenge viral on Twitter across the globe.

My dear friend Arti had nominated me to join the challenge.

I learned black and white photography. From capturing black and white photos to post-shoot processing. I shared it for the first time.

It has been an experience of discovering shining hope in black and white photos while sharing them every day.

What helped me discover the bright hope was a simple rule to share photos without captions. The entire focus had to be on photography.

I loved the challenge. These photos inspired me to create a video based on the theme 'optimism'.

'Black and White Beauty' is a discovery of the beauty present in apparently colorless experiences of the life. I love to express optimism through my poems. This is the first time I am trying to express it without words. With my black and white photos. I hope you'll like my new attempts.

Thanks, Arti for nominating me for the challenge which inspired me today's creation.

Share your thoughts as well.

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