Gulabai - Indian Festival for Girls

Gulabai is the name given to Maa Parvatiji. Girls here daily sing and dance on some cute songs and they daily eat Prasad, distribute among friends. The songs are really very sweet. Everyday one girl bring the Prasad and  rest of the girls have to guess the Food brought. 

Here are some pics by my brother Dnyanesh

The idols are of Lord Shiva, Maa Parvatiji and Lord Ganesha their child. 

I have found the sweet Marathi songs for this festival on Blog Sahajach, please visit it here : Bhulabai


  1. This is a new festival for me. Never heard about it before. I am guessing it is for the girls to get a good life partner. The pictures are lovely and it is always nice to know more of our festivals from our rich Indian culture. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks Arti, the songs are about Parvatiji and Lord Shankar, also feelings of girls there. I never knew, the purpose though, but one Gulabai and Her hubby is in my home too..:)


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