Jan 30, 2012

Sweet Love

Sweet Love – You and Me

Jan 29, 2012

Lost In 'Love'

“Lost myself in love with YOU – Krishna”

Jan 28, 2012

Shining Moments

“Lord Sun! Please make my life Shining just like you with the warmth and cool rays to spread the love and peace, let people find the bliss when they meet me, let people find the new light in life when they meet me, when they read my words, when they listen me, when they talk with me, let my smile spread the fragrance of sweet divine love all over the world, let me reach every heart!Let me rise in the life, and let me be the means which may become ray of light in others' lives. Let me be the purest ray, which will stir the heart of every friend and enemy.”

Jan 5, 2012

Sky - The Poetry by Krishna

It’s looking like The God (Krishna) has written a poetry for us. The poem of beauty of Life...love, divinity and bliss...Saffron shows the divinity and devotion. Shot by Dnyanesh.



Puranpoli is very famous sweet dish of Maharashtra. This pic series the process cooking of Puranpoli by Traditional way, it's so rare now. This is called as Khaparpoli. This is from Swayam Siddha exhibition. The villager women were preparing this so happily. The price is only 25 Rs. for one Puranpoli. No marketing, no celebrities, no looting in the name of marketing, no advertisements. This is the traditional Bharat, where happiness is the goal not the material life and money.

The natural smile on the face of these women is so precious, it has become rare in the fast city life.

Hari Krishna Maharaj

Lord Swaminarayana is in baby form is known as Harikrishna Maharaj,

This shot is from BAPS Swaminarayan Temple Amalner, by Dnyanesh. The little flower, the little Mukut, the little jewellery, everything delicate but so perfect.

Radha Krishna From BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

Radha Krishna at Amalner BAPS Swaminarayan Temple,

The beautiful eternal love ....Radha and Krishna and Krishna and Radha or Krishna and Mohinee..? (You may laugh but I feel...it)

Shot by Dnyanesh


Lotus Feet - Gurupaduka of Paramhans Parivrajakacharya 1008 Shri Loknathteerth Swami Maharaj 
(Sadgurudeva of My Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Maharaj - my Param Guru)  at P.P. Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj Mahayoga Trust, Nasik. To know more about Mahayoga the path by which I am blessed, please visit: mahayoga.org

Shot by Dnyanesh.

Jan 2, 2012

Dawn or Evening?

Can you guess this?

Shot by Dnyanesh.

Indian Herbs

Indian Herbs at Swayamsiddha exhibition.......it's Curcuma amada.


Beauty with innocence with confidence....this little girl Bhagyashree with amazing smile at Swayamsiddha Exhibition, was selling Indian Herbs.