Shining Moments

“Lord Sun! Please make my life Shining just like you with the warmth and cool rays to spread the love and peace, let people find the bliss when they meet me, let people find the new light in life when they meet me, when they read my words, when they listen me, when they talk with me, let my smile spread the fragrance of sweet divine love all over the world, let me reach every heart!Let me rise in the life, and let me be the means which may become ray of light in others' lives. Let me be the purest ray, which will stir the heart of every friend and enemy.”


  1. your torch of love has already lit with the sun of wisdom, you march on - round the globe to spread the message, dont stop, no looking back, you can change the bharath and then world. go ahead.... Nataraj Devang

  2. beautiful mohineee:) like ur heart dats so pure!

  3. Thanks Nataraj ji...:) Again Speechless! This support is more than words ....

  4. Geeta! I am so happy to see you following and your thought too...:) How are you sweet didi?


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