PhotoStory: Mischievous Clouds

The heat wave and drought in India, this year is the highest in decades. The discomfort in the atmosphere has risen with the beginning of May. It's cloudy today and now we are hoping for the pre-monsoon rain.  


I have shared changing seasons, twilight sky hues and the moonlight beauty from my room's window. Today it's the time to share the clouds gathering all of a sudden in front of my eyes attracting my attention. I am trying to feel the moment. 

"Yes, it will rain. Summers don't stay forever and so the summers of life also can't stay forever. It has to rain after every blistering summer." 

Then I went to check, are these clouds in a serious mood to shower or not yet? Okay, they look pretty serious today. Discomfort is already unbearable. We are sweltering. 

The poor Parijat tree is also waiting with me for the cool touch of raindrops. But, it seems that the clouds are in the mood to tease it. That is so unfair. 

Okay, no more games. Finally, they started raining. I am super happy and I am so crazy for these first moments of rain that I can't resist capturing them on the earth. They look amazing. So big and though played for a while they are also happy to hug the earth. 

Before I would write a few verses in the joy of rain, the clouds changed their mood again and turned innocently white like a mischievous child as if nothing had happened. 

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