Photos: Earthen Diyas for Diwali

Diwali festival - the celebration of lights - is  just a few days away. Enthusiasm in the air is making the days and evenings bright. Today I bought some beautiful earthen diyas. 

The designs of diyas were so creative that I wished to buy them all. Capturing them in the camera was easier. So, here are some diyas for Diwali celebration.

Image: Earthen Diya Stall

Bhairavji selling diyas. He has arrived to Dhule from Bihar. He lives in the tent, behind him in this pic. Seems like he has just set up his stall and I reached there. Many unopened packs of diyas are waiting for Diwali to birghten up our lives.

Image: Child selling earthen diyas

Hiralal, the cute son of Bhairavji selling diyas on another stall. I didn't ask about his education and studies. This picture tells the complete story. And, there comes his brother also. 

Image: Beautiful diyas with various designs

They sell earthen pitchers apart from Diwali Diyas. Also, the small blue diya-like creation has some space to place diya inside. In India, it's a tradition to light diya near basil every evening. To protect the diya from the wind such small covers are created. 

Image: Earthen Diyas for Diwali

Various designs of diyas

Image: Earthen Diyas for Diwali

Image: Earthen Diyas for Diwali
Round shaped diyas

Simple yet beautiful

I thanked the artists who create such attractive designs with a lot of creativity and variation in designs, for bringing happiness in our lives. These simple moments and diyas are priceless. 

Lighting diyas and spreading light in the world is so peaceful than the unpleasant noise of crackers. 

For me, Dharma is light not noise. 

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