Photos: Mumbai-Agra Highway Drive

Whenever I feel that I am reaching to writer's block, I try something fresh and change my routine for that. I hunt for new inspirations and, I think, traveling gives spiritual experiences. We understand life and the world better by traveling. Recently, I enjoyed Mumbai-Agra National highway drive (NH 3), for some more kilometers. Sharing some of the memorable pictures of  this drive. I am sure, you'll enjoy them.

Image: Hill near Mumbai-Agra Highway

Look at those hills, that silent highway, bushes and plants, you'll forget all the stress of material life. 

Image: Mumbai-Agra Highway

This is life. Fly with the wings, but don't forget your roots. Our feet should be on the ground.

Image: Neem trees near highway

This is life. We should halt for some shadow, for some solace, for some moments. But we have to move on and continue our journey. If we stop at one halt, how will we be able to reach our destination?

Image: Mumbai-Agra highway

And, the journey of this beautiful life continues...for new thrills. 

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