Creative and Funny Road Safety Sign Board

Today's share is a photo of road safety sign board,
In my highway drive, somewhere on Mumbai - Agra highway, I saw a board of the Devi Ma temple and as I wanted to enjoy the thrill to go to an unknown place, I thought to search this temple. The road took me to small villages like Hol, Dhandarne. I never knew such places exist in India.

While randomly searching the unknown Devi Maa temple, I saw this road safety board. This is creative and funny as well.

This is a Hindi message. I don't know, why they  have created this sign board with Hindi message. This is a Maharashtrian rural area and not a highway, so it  is not possible that Hindi speakers will come here to drive.

The meaning of the above message is, 

'Careless and high speed driving in overtaking can cause road accidents and death.'

Yamraj is the god of Death according to Hindu culture. The message here says that Yamraj loves overtaking which means that you will go to meet him by overtaking and he will be happy as death is his department.

I wonder, who must be behind these creative ideas. 

Share here, the funniest or most creative saftey message you have seen. Would love to hear them...