Photos: Guru Nanak Devji Prakash Utsav

Gurupurab festival - Gurunanak Jayanti or Gurunanak's Prakash Utsav was on 6th November this year. Kartik Paurnima was also being celebrated on the same day. That was the beautiful devotional day for me as I visited Gurudwara and Ayyappa Swami Temple in the evening. 

Sharing some of the beautiful moments of the Gurudwara of Dhule. 

This Gurudwara is on Mumbai-Agra highway. I have taken some of the photos from Gurudwara entrance and some other searching a safe place around. 

So..let's go to relive those moments of Bhakti on Gurupurab Festival...

Image: Gurudwara Dhule - Main Entrance gate

Although, this Gurudwara is on highway, it is very peaceful. What fascinates me is that it is a 'Guru' Dwara - the Place of Guru. When I entered there, I just forgot everything - the chaos of traffic around and the chaos within my mind.  

Image: Dhule Gurudwara main entrance gate from insideHuman mind is always occupied with restless thoughts, but whenever I go here, I get surprised to see that how these waves of mind become calm suddenly! I feel like I never knew this peace was within me. Many people ask that why do we need religions basically. I think, for this discovery, the peace is within oneself. Image: Gurudwara building on Mumbai Agra Highway decorated on Gurupurab Festival

We are losing our natural joy with our hectic lifestyle nowadays. This Light is not just the light of decoration, but visiting Gurudwara brings the inner light of supreme truth of eternal happiness. 

Image: Gurudwara front side beautifully lightened for Prakashotsav Celebrations

When we enter the Gurudwara we just want to bow the serenity! I don't know much about Sikh rituals but it's Gurudwara and when we are taking Darshana of Guru, we bow to them forgetting our 'Aham'. 

Image: Dhule Gurudwara Building from right side

Gurudwara building is so beautifully designed and constructed that our eyes don't just want to leave the place. Image: Gurudwara Prakashotsav Celebrations

One courteous guy there who was distributing Prasad told me that the Keertan programs will be till 2 AM. I had to leave, so I couldn't attend the program. But the time spent there will give me energy to work calmly in the material chaos till I visit there again next time

I know, you are speechless while experiencing the ocean of peace you have discovered just now. :-)

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  1. Wow!! such a grand and beautiful Gurudwara at Dhule :)
    Exactly the same feeling I come across each time I visit Gurudwara and am happy you visited there on such an auspicious day :)
    Waheguru ji listen every prayer of a true heart.
    Sikkhism has a glorious and inspiring history. Please do ask sant ji there to narrate a few of them :)

    love n hugs

    1. Thanks dear simu..:). Yes! When I'll go next time, I'll try to know more about Sikkhism :)!