Baby MotorBiker

He is not actually driving the bike, but he is a motorbiker. 

Image: Baby Motorbiker is the story. I was reaching to parking area near a vegetable market and I noticed this baby - Sai. Sai was busy in studying the motorbike curiously and the guy with him was teaching him driving. That wasn't real driving actually, just some fun. Sai was seriously feeling like a motorbiker, he didn't notice that I was observing him and when he looked back....I clicked! Just see, how serious he is! I talked to him, but he didn't reply, he was seriously trying to know that who I am! I think, it was very difficult for him to distract mind from his driving and at the same time it was very important for him to know who is clicking his photo! 

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  1. Sai is so cute! You nailed it Mohini - what a brilliant timing of the click! Sai also gave you the perfect pose, haha... Really enjoyed reading this - beautiful moment freezed in KrishnaMohinee!!


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