Durva and Flowers for Ganesh Puja

Ganapati Bappa Moraya! Happy Ganesh Festival friends! :) Lord Ganesh is arrived to bless us. Today, I have brought Ganapati's favorite Durva grass and flowers for you. You can pick them directly from here for the Ganesh Puja..

Image: Durva Grass
 Fresh Duva Grass. Pick them and then make groups of 21 Durvas for Puja to offer to Ganesh.

Image: Parijat flowers on Durva Grass
Parijat flowers are mixed here with Durva. They don't touch the soil because Durva are protecting them from mud. 

Image: Gokarna plant and flowers
 And, now you can pick these beautiful Gokarna flowers. These are very shy, hidden in the leaves, but they are happy when offered to Bhagwanji...

Image: Flowers and leaves of Chafa, Bilva, Parija for the worship of Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva

I have quickly created my thali with flowers and leaves of Chafa, Bilva, and Parijat for Puja. Leaves are also offered in Puja . 

So, let's go for the Puja....:) Happy Ganesh Festival. 

P.S: Durvas means doob, Cynodon dactylon

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  1. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Mohinee :)
    Beautiful pics of your pooja thali!

    1. Thanks dear, same to you. These flowers are from my home..:)


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