Devotional Photostory: When Devotees Meet Lord Vitthala on Ashadhi Ekadashi

Today's photo story is about the devotional Ashadhi Ekadashi. These photos are about the faith and the love between Lord Vitthala and His devotees!

Ashadhi Ekadashi is famous for Padharpur Wari. But the devotees who can't go there generally visit the local temples of Vitthala with the same faith and devotion that the Warkaris have who go to Pandharpur walking. The Vithoba temple in Dhule is constructed very similar to that of Pandharpur. And people here go walking to meet Vithoba. This year I went to meet Lord Vithoba early in the morning. The atmosphere was filled with devotion everywhere, devotees were walking eagerly with Tulsi (Basil) and flowers in hands to gift the beloved Bhagwan. Every flower, every bird, the trees, and even the streets everything was drenched in the devotion, as if they were chanting Vitthala Vitthala Jai Hari Vitthala!

Here is the story of Vithoba and His Bhakta - devotees

Image: Lord Vitthala Temple (Dhule) area.

We are very eager to meet Lord Krishna - our dearest Vithoba.

Image : Front side of Lord Vitthala Temple decorated with flowers and lights. Bhagwan Hanumanji Moorti just about the Door with Saffron Flags

Before entering the temple Hanumanji Maharaj meets us! He is here to guard the world, always awake without a single moment of rest chanting 

Shreeram Shreeram....

Image: Inside Lord Vitthala Temple

After having Darshan Hanumanji Maharaj, now the moment will come when we will have that very special moment of life to see Lord Vitthala. We are impatient. We can't wait. Krishna has stolen our hearts...and our lips are calling Him ...chanting is going on.. Shreeram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram..

.Shriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Raam...
..Shreeram Jai Ram Jai Jai Raam..

Image: Lord Vitthala Darshan inside Garbhagruha

He is smiling, He was waiting for us...our feelings, our love became the tears of supreme joy - The Paramananda.. the Premananda...that every moment we missed each other was like millions of years...

We can't see Him properly..

but....who is taking the Darshan now! When we bowed....

There was only our Krishna..Krishna just Krishna everywhere....

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  1. I stood in the line... chnated His name, bowed my head and took His blessings too... all thanks to you. :)


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