Beauty of Dark Cloudy Evening

The rain of this season is started, though not monsoon rain, but really, do we need to go into much details while enjoying the rain? The scorching heatwave this year broke all the previous records and you can imagine the feeling of enjoying the rain... but wait. What is before that... someone who brings the message of the rain, yes cool breeze, then the clouds turning darker and darker....

Black is supposed as the symbol  of negativity and sorrow. But the clouds before raining look just beautiful, and when they arrive in the evening, the breezy evening shows the incredible beauty nature can are those mesmerizing clicks..

Image: Beauty of dark cloudy evening

It seems that even streetlights are amazed by the cloudy beauty.

Image: Dark Clouds and the trees

Trees waiting for the rain

Image: Pipal Tree shining in the clouds

The sacred Pipal tree shining in the dark evening. 

So...what are your mesmerizing moments before the rain this year? 

Did you listen the message of the nature...


  1. How beautiful, dearest Mohinee! We all talk of rains but seldom do we speak of the beauty before that. Yes, the dark clouds and the blowing breeze add to all the charm that we associate with the monsoons and you captured it so wonderfully with all your heart. The captions blend so well too. I feel like I am right there, standing alongside you!

    Have a great time, dear. Look forward to hear more from the monsoons in Dhule. Take care. :)

    1. Thanks Arti...:) That was just incredible and serene. :) I wish you could be with me that time. And these pics are from the area near temple, so you can imagine the divine atmosphere. :)


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