Lord Shiva Worship on Shravan Monday

The most divine month of the Hindu year is Shravan and it's going on now. Today is Monday of this month Shravan. Hindu devotees observe different vrat like fast or offering poojas during the four sacred month and Shravan is the most auspicious in them. I am sure, many of you must also be observing vrata.

Today is Monday - the day of Lord Shiva worship or pooja. For the worship we generally observe fast and go to Lord Shiva Temple for the divine Darshana.  Also we offer Bilva- patra which is known as Bengal Quince and other holy things like Kumkum, flowers.

Rudrabhishek or just Namakam Chamakam is also be chanted.  

Today's photo is from Lord Shiva Temple at Dhule - Shiva Parvati Temple. When I visited the temple many women were offering the pooja, so you can see the pooja, flowers on Shivalingam in the pic. 

If you haven't visited the temple today and wish to worship Lord Shiva - this pic can be the virtual Darshana. 

And, here is a hymn from Narayankripa to complete your pooja -  

ShivaSwaroop - Lord Shiva Hymn 


  1. He's my favourite Lord! When I was scared while climbing a treacherous path, I was singing 'Om Namah Shivay Om Namah Shivay'

    He regularly sends snakes in my dreams to remind me that it's time to meet him.

    Jai Bhole Nath!

    1. Welcome Vishal to my blog. Thanks for the comment. :). It's so blissful to know, Lord Shiva gives messages by dreams...:) Jai Bhole Nath. Sorry for the late reply. :(


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