The Main Balaji Chariot Festival

Finally, on the Ekadashi - the Elevanth Day of Ashwin Shukla Paksha according to the Lunar Calender, the main chariot festival of Bhagwan Balaji arrived. 

All the pics by my brother Dnyanesh. 

The holy instruments played during the festival called Vajintri 

Palakhi of Bhagwan Balaji 

The distribution of Prasadam

The Ratham - The Chariot passing from small lanes of Dhule. 

The devotees pulling the chariot

The Ratham and the devotees 

People ready to pull the chariot

The Chariot halting for Darshanam of Bhagwan 

The devotees offering Artis

The White Horses at the front of the chariot

A devotee offering the Prasadam, flowers and Arti, please see the hand there.

The devotees pulling the chariot through small lane

Big efforts in pulling the chariot 

The festival continued till the next dawn on Dwadashi - the next tithit of Ekadashi

The same crowd of devotees waiting to reach the chariot to their lanes

Bhagwan Balaji ki Jai

Navaratri was very divine this year. I am thankful to you all brothers and sisters for being with us to encourage us for the work. My family, from the time of my Grandfather and even before that, from the beginning of the temple, is attached to the Pooja here. 

Now, in this generation, me and my brother are blessed by Bhagwan Balaji to spread and share the photos of this festival with you all and the tradition of devotion from my family is also continued thus. 

My Pranamas to you all for the support and love you have given to us all these days during Navaratri...:)

I will share some more clippings of pulling and stopping of the chariot which is very difficult and looks hazardous too.

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