Oct 28, 2012

Horse Vahan of Balaji Chariot Festival

Second Vahan on Dussehra was Horse, this was the last Vahan and on the Ekadashi after the day next to Vijayadashmi there was a Main Chariot Festival of Balaji Bhagwan- known as Rathotsav.

All pics by Dnyanesh Puranik

Previous Vahans: 

First Day : Shesh Bhagwan
Second Day : Peacock Vahan
Third Day : Lion Vahan
Fourth Day was Panchami this year : Elephant Vahan
Fifth Day -Shashthi - Viman -Aeroplane Vahan
Sixth Day- Saptami - The Sun Vahan
Seventh Day - Ashtami - The Moon Vahan
Eighth Day - Navami - Lord Hanumani Vahan
Nineth Day - Vijayadashmi - First Vahan - Eagle 

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