Horse Vahan of Balaji Chariot Festival

Second Vahan on Dussehra was Horse, this was the last Vahan and on the Ekadashi after the day next to Vijayadashmi there was a Main Chariot Festival of Balaji Bhagwan- known as Rathotsav.

All pics by Dnyanesh Puranik

Previous Vahans: 

First Day : Shesh Bhagwan
Second Day : Peacock Vahan
Third Day : Lion Vahan
Fourth Day was Panchami this year : Elephant Vahan
Fifth Day -Shashthi - Viman -Aeroplane Vahan
Sixth Day- Saptami - The Sun Vahan
Seventh Day - Ashtami - The Moon Vahan
Eighth Day - Navami - Lord Hanumani Vahan
Nineth Day - Vijayadashmi - First Vahan - Eagle