Divinity Around Vitthala Temple

We have seen the Lord Vitthala Darshan on Devshayani Ekadashi on Gurukripa, and now, I wish to share the divinity around the temple. 

Idols of Hindu Deities like Little Krishna, Lord Shiva, Devimaa, Vitthala - Rakhumai,  Krishna with His flute. We perform a ritual called 'PranaPratishtha' after that, these are not just idols, but the Supreme Power in the form of idols. So, Hindus worship Idol is a false concept.

Kumkum : Indian ladies apply small amount of this on their forehead, which is now replaced by Bindi, also, in all Puja - worships rituals, Kumkum is the most essential element. 

Many more divine things in about two pics

Old lady selling bangles and Sugarcane Juice stalls at the background

Little girls selling garlands for Lord Vitthala.  

And this one to capture pure smile of this little angel.

Little boy selling coconuts, we have a tradition, to break the coconut outside the temple and offer the pieces to Lord and then take the sacred Prasadam 

Some key chains in which one has Lord Ganesha and other has Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj 


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