Summer Thirst

People still prefer water from these earthen pots over the fridge. 

I wonder, how creatively, he has kept all of them, looking so beautiful.

I feel these small sellers know natural marketing with beauty and creativity.

Large pitchers on street for summer. A little boy sitting in the hot summer to sell this little product. 

Clicks by Dnyanesh.


  1. Wow, amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm just getting back into writing again.

  2. Yup! Like your "pictures of pitchers"...........

  3. That was really very well spotted and captured, Mohinee! It is indeed a beautiful art - the arrangement.

    We have a traditional earthen pot from Rajasthan at our house - It is called Surahi (Have a look here - - It keeps water cool naturally in summers and we prefer to drink from that.

  4. Welcome everybody, sorry for the late reply.

    Tino, Lola, Deepak Sir, Steve, and Arti, thank you so much for the wonderful response. Arti, thanks for sharing the pitchers' link here...:-). They are really amazing indeed.