Little Aadya

Aadya is a little girl, who is blessed grand - daughter of a Saint in Maharashtra, from Sarjabai Datta Temple, Dhule. Just like her name, She is looking like a Mother Goddess (Durga). I couldn't resist myself to share her beautiful and divine pic with all of you. She is with her Auntie. Mother Goddess can come in any form and meet us. I thought,  I should call Aadya as little angel, or little Fairy, but no she is the Mother Goddess.


  1. Yes, children are pure without any malice.. they are living Gods and Goddesses. The radiance of Aadya is hard to ignore..Magnificient and charming! Many thanks for sharing :)

  2. Arti, I am so late but yeah happy to see your comment..:) Aadya is unforgettable


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