Namste Dear brothers, sisters and friends! You all know me from our cultural mission Gurukripa, Chaitanyapuja and Vicharyadnya. Today is 1-11-11…all 1. I always like no. 1. This number is the symbol of success. So by Gurukripa means blessings of my Sadgurudeva and Lord Shrikrishna starting this new photo blog on this 1-11-11 memorable day.

Lord Krishna is attracting and making us mad by His Divine Magic, His fascination, His Mohinee, from ages.  

I am not a professional photographer and I have never learned anything about photography.  But I always have love for photography, always wished to have simple blog for photography.  So I pray to Lord Krishna,

Please make my new journey successful, may everybody feel the divine magic Krishna Mohinee through this blog and may I learn some skill of photography too.  Whole world is Your Creation. So, whatever captured by me is Your Creation only.”

I had some names in my mind, like Beautiful world, my photography, Mohinee, but only one name includes all the meanings and it is KRISHNA-MOHINEE. I will try to upload videos too.

Please feel free to give your suggestions and please wish me luck……I have to learn lot more in this field, so please keep me guiding. My inspiration is my dear friend Artiji who shares wonderful pics at her blog My Yatra Diary and Deepak Sir who shares magical photos at Mumbai Daily.

I am sharing first photos of Radha Krishna from RadhaKrishna Temple Dhule. The temple is decorated for Deepawali festival and Annakut Festival. 

This post is dedicated to my beloved friend Portia Burton who loves Radha and Krishna a lot.

Thank you so much for your love and encouragement...


  1. Hearty congratulation for starting the new wonderful blog.
    I like the name very much;the prefect name " Krishna Mohinee"
    Also first photographs are very very beautiful.
    congrats again.

  2. Dada, your wishes are future success of mohinee!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Dear!!! I am so happy for you! This is beautiful, one more blessing for me..Krishna Mohinee... The name says it all...
    I am truly honored to be an inspiration to someone who is the source of encouragement to so many around including me :):) Thank you very much :)

    Thanks so much for taking me to this beautiful temple in Dhule, I feel truly blessed... Continue the good work.. My best wishes and support always to you dear :)

  4. Arti, that's soooooo sweeeet of you...:)

  5. My Heartmate Mohini!
    Oh,I am viewing your new blog in a wonderful place called 'Verona', the fabled city of eternal lovers-Romeo and Juliet! It's a beautiful morning here and what more could I wish for than a glimpse of my lover 'KRISHNA'!Oh, many thanks for these superb images!

  6. My Heartmate Mohini!
    Congratulations for your new venture~Krishna Mohini!Oh, I am viewing your nice blog in the sunny morning of Verona, the fabled city of eternal lovers-Romeo and Juliet, and how lucky I am to get a glimpse of my lover KRISHNA through your blog!
    MWAH to you and of course to HIM!

  7. I am so happy to see you Portia and it's His wish you received this in the beautiful morning, at the place of love.....:). No I know His and Your love...:)Mwah.


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