Photoblog: Haritalika ShivaParvati Puja

Sharing photo of Haritalika Puja this year.

Haritalika is celebrated by girls and women for their husbands or dream husbands. The day before Ganesh Chaturthi is Tritiya Haritalika. I love to celebrate the day, mainly for the incredible love of Maa Pravatiji for Lord Shiva. As per Pauranic stories, Parvati stayed hungry for many days worshipping Lord Shiva and later ate leaves as the only food and finally started living on 'air'. Many people tried to stop her, many tried to convince her how Lord Shiva can be a bad husband, but she was so determined she didn't stop her worship till her dream came true.

I performed puja in my own way this year. I like Haritalika Vrata and I perform Puja for the blessings of The God. Here's how I celebrated the love of Parvatiji for Lord Shiva.

Image: Lord Shiva and Parvatiji

As per tradition, we offer leaves of different sacred trees to Lord Shiva and Parvati. Generally, this puja isn't performed with Murti. I offered leaves of different plants I have in my home to Bhulojirao and Gulabai (other names of Lord Shiva and Parvatiji). For me, all the plants are sacred as I believe everything I have is divinely blessed. I found this large Bael (Aaegle marmelos) leaf in those leaves. I offered it to Lord Shiva with Kumkum on the large leaf completing the story of Lord Shiva and Parvatiji. Also, offered Kumkum to Parvatiji.  

Did you enjoy the story of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati and the way I celebrate it?

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