Photos: Devi Maa Darshan from Village Temples

Today is the 8th day of Navaratri though Ashtami will be tomorrow. For today's worship, let's go to meet Devi Maa to unknown temples at small villages. These pictures are clicked by my brother Dnyanesh while searching new and ancient temples on a road trip Dhule - Solapur national high way (NH211)

Thanks to the devotees who keep constructing temples spreading our culture and bringing peace in the lives of Devi Devotees. These temples are near village Junavne.

Image: Devi Maa Temple Under Construction

This temple was under construction at the time of capture.

Image: Loving Devi Maa inside Temple

Devi Maa Eternally Happy to Bless All of Us

Image: Paduka-Lotus feet of Devi Maa

Paduka - Lotus Feet of Maa
Devotees offer Kumkum as a symbol of Worship of Mother Goddess

Image: Divine Tortoise in Devi Temple

Divine Tortoise in Temple

You must have seen such tortoise in many temples

Image: Devi Maa Showering Her blessings upon her children

 The compassion and love in the eyes of Devi Maa...

She loves her children so much.

Image: Devi Maa Temple

Another Devi Maa Temple discovered

Image: Beautiful, traditional and tranquil - The home of Devi Maa

Beautiful, traditional and tranquil - The home of Devi Maa

Image: Devi Maa silently protecting her children

Devi Maa silently protecting her children

(Devi Maa Murti created by Metal)

Image: Devi Maa in the form of Protector

In the first temple she is in the form of a loving mother. Here she is a protector from all the evil.

Determined to protect  her devotees from misery. 

Shakti can be loving like a mother, but that doesn't mean that she is fragile. When it comes to dealing with Asuras she is the power. This thought applies to women as well. Devi Maa stories in Devi Bhagwat Purana and Markendeya Purana give us the same message of Her power in her forgiveness and love as well as in her power to bring justice. The most unfortunate thing is that women are told that they are not allowed to read these stories. 

Women themselves should end these myths of inferiority and gender bias; nobody else can do it for them.

Asuras is a Sanskrit word. Pauranik tales use the words like Asuras/Daityas/Rakshas in the context of perpetrators. Considering growing crime against women, such perpetrators can be called Asuras. 

Pauranik concepts are called as myth when it's convenient to devalue them. However, when it seems to use these concepts to blow caste or tribe based hatred they are highlighted and painted in negative color. It seems like a subtle hatred about Indianness to misguide innocent tribal folks. If there are tribes with Asuras or Rakshas, by name, the word used here is not applied to them. It's very disheartening when tribes are used and misguided to blow hatred. 

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