Photos: Tulsi (Basil)

Today is Kamala Ekadashi according to Hindu calendar. Sharing some photos of Tulsi - holy basil. 

As per the Hindu calendar we have an extra month after every three years period. This year Ashadh month is the extra month. Every month has two Ekadashi. Kamala Ekadashi is one of the two extra Ekadashi this year. Followers of Bhaktiyoga - the path of devotion - observe Ekadashi as fast and more importantly the day to spend time worshiping Bhagwan Vishnu by singing Bhajans, reciting His Stotrams and chanting His name. According to Puranas, Bhagwan Vishnu or Krishna loves Tulsi and I love Krishna. So, sharing some pictures of  Tulsi from my yard. 

Image: Basil (Tulsi) Plants
The soil in the area I live, isn't fertile. However, since we grew basil, now other plants of flowers and vegetables can also grow in the same soil. 

Image: Basil Garden
Tulsi has made the yard divine and peaceful.


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