Photo: Cloudy Dawn

Going for a morning walk in the dawn when the sky is darker than usual because of dark clouds can be amazing. The pic of the cloudy dawn with a streetlight...

Image: Cloudy Dawn

I clicked this pic at 5:30 AM. The weather was like heavy raining is about start within some moments. Dhule weather is mischievous, now at 8:49 AM when I'm posting this pic, hot sun rays are entered my room perhaps mocking my desperate wait for the rain...:)

Anyway, the dawn was incredibility beautiful as usual. While walking down the road, I heard some lines of a Marathi devotional song, "Paaule chalati Pandharichi waat" (Song meaning: Walking to reach Pandharpur). This song and my dawn walk, the situation was like a hymn of Adi Shankaracharya. In the hymn he prays to Bhagwanji, when I walk, it may become your Pradakshina. The message of the hymn is that whatever we do, if it becomes the worship of the supreme power, then that's the Bhaktiyoga.  

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