Photos: Sugar Sweets for Gudhipadva Celebrations

Happy Gudhipadva friends! May this new year bring joy and prosperity in your life..:-)

Today, I have photos of sugar boiled confectioinary, we buy for the celebrations of Gudhipadva, in Maharashtra. We call them Kakan. The other form is like a garland of sugar.

Image: Gathi Kankan, sweetmeats for Gudhipadva
This year, these decorated Sugar garlands are seen in the market. They are colorful and have mirrors. I have never seen such Gathis (we call them Gathi).

Image: Street Hawker selling sugar sweets for Gudhipadwa

And, my dear sweet friends, on this auspicious occasion, with the sweetest wishes, sweeter than sweet sweets for you!

This is called as Naral - which literally means cococunt. Naral of Sugar.

 This is garland, we call it Gathi. The Gudhi is decorated by  this garland. 

 This is Kakan. These are like Kangans. 

All of them....together, we eat them as Prasad. 

Do taste them, it's absolutely safe to eat sweets virtually, no calorie tension! :)