Heavenly Parijat Flowers

On 1/11/11 we started this beautiful journey of experiencing the poetry written by the Nature, Darshan of holy temples, and meeting the faces with inspiration. Yes! It's the birthday of KrishnaMohinee :-).

Today, I have, heavenly flowers of Parijat with me, to celebrate the joy of third blog anniversary of KrishnaMohinee. 

Image: Parijat tree with buds and flowers

The buds of Parijat flowers tell the news of their heavenly presence and mesmerize our souls by their fragrance.

Image: Parijat Flowers dropping from the tree

The parijat flowers are like the blessings of Bhagwanji...:-)

Image: Parijat flowers on the ground

They make every morning beautiful with millions of smiles showering on us.

Image: Parijat flowers with grass

Their life is short, but wherever they are, they make every moment happy and beautiful, for those around them. Their life purpose is an inspiring message to spread smiles.

Image: Heavenly Parijat Flowers

Parijat is related to stories or Leelas of Lord Krishna. 

According to one Pauranik story, Parijat was present only in Swarga. Queen Rukmini liked the flowers and for her love Lord Krishna brought this tree on earth. It's such a sweet story.

Image: Parijat Flowers

I don't know about Swarga, but yes, wherever Parijat is present it creates Swarga instantly. :-) 

Beautiful Flower Photos: