Celebrating 100 posts of the magic of Lord Krishna

Namaste friends! I am very happy to share with you that the magical world of Krishna, this site – KrishnaMohinee has completed 100 posts. Thanks for your support, encouragement, and love. 

Whenever I see something memorable, beautiful, touching, divine and incredible, I remember 'You – the KrishnaMohinee friends’ and I can't resist to click that moment to share with you. This blog is not just about photography, for me these photos are nature poems. The photos express poems which are present in the form of these beautiful flowers, in the smile of an innocent child or in those feelings which are difficult to express in words. Capturing photos and writing poems are not two different things for me. The real contentment of celebrating Krishna’s magic here is that these poetic feelings reach millions of hearts, the wounded souls, and the hearts who are searching peace or to those who have forgotten to smile. They feel the love showered by the Mother Nature in the still moments shared here.

I never planned to do all this, the person who is mesmerizing you is Lord Krishna and His love.

Just see, how happy He is today…

Image: Bhagwan Krishna on Janmashtami Celebrations

 I captured this photo on Janmashtami - Krishna's birthday.

Image: Smiling Lord Krishna surrounded by devotees

He is not just Makhanchor, he steals our hearts! 

You must be thinking that Krishna is present here, but why not Mohinee…I am present in His eyes, in His smile and in His enchanting tunes of flute….:-)

Once again, thanks for your love for KrishnaMohinee…:)

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