Photos: Ramnavmi Celebrations

I celebrated the Ramnavmi - birthday of Lord Shriram, this year visiting different Shriram Temples. These temples are ancient and some of them are less known.
Nowadays, most of the temples are built with the registration as a trust. But in the old days, devotees used to build the temples owned by themselves and not as the trust. Many of such temples are still present in Bharat, which are not in good condition due to lack of funds. Despite this problem, devotees manage the temples, rituals, jewelry, traditions and festivals. 

These temples which are in the villages, not so famous, even those which are damaged have their own story of devotion and faith. Though some temples are small they have unique architecture. It's amazing to discover such temples and to know their history. 

Let's go to visit, some ancient temples.

Pattabhishit Shriram Sansthan: Lord Shriram as the Emperor with Seetaji and Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughna,Hanumanji Maharaj 

Lord Shriram in the cradle making the world happy by his arrival on the earth. Though He surrounded by the flowers, when we look at Him, He smiles as He is also happy to see us..:-) 

Shriram, Laxman, Seetaji from another ancient temple in Dhule

Ramlala from Seetaram Temple. This is 150 years old temple, in a very small home, managed by the devotee family whose ancestors constructed it.  

Bhagwan Ram, Laxman, Seetaji from the above mentioned Seetaram Temple, here RadhaKrishna is also present. The painting is of Maharshi Gautam.

Bhagwan Shriram, Laxman, Seetaji, and Hanumanji always present to listen to our problems, prayers and to give us freedom from all the worries. 

On Ramnavmi we get a special Prasad called Panjiri. It's sweet and very tasty and an ayurvedic medicine too. I didn't miss the chance to get this Panjiri from all the temples, I visited, everybody has their own style, so a slightly different taste, but the special divine taste of Prasad is the same..:)

Shriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram...

Shriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram..


  1. Jai Shri Ram, Mohini dear. Such beautiful pictures. I feel blessed to have visited all these ancient temples along with you. Thank you so much for taking me along, and I wish Lord Ram's blessings on each one of us throughout the coming years, always. Take care, lots of hugs. :)


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