Photographs from Khandoba Temple

Champashashthi is celebrated on the Shashthi - 6th day of the Margashirsha Shukla Paksha. This year it was celebrated on 8th December. Champashashthi is the day when Bhagwan Khandoba defeated the Asuras Mani and Malla. So Bhagwan has the name Mallari - enemy of Asura Malla. When the asuras get the death by the Bhagwan, they also become immortal and their name is also seen with the Bhagwan. 

Bhagwan Mallari is Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati as Mhalsa. 

I used to go to the Khandoba temple in my city in childhood. I couldn't go there in recent years and now, when I visited to my great surprise, the whole temple is renovated. The crowd in the temple was incredible. Somehow, I managed to bring some pics from the temple.  

Sharing some photographs from the celebration of Champashashthi.

People singing devotional songs - Keertan of Lord Khanderao

Bhagwanji and devotees outside temple. This is not the main Murti.

Entrance of the Temple beautifully decorated with the flowers

The crowd of the Devotees eager for the Darshan. I was also among them and captured this picture in the crowd.

Bhagwan Khandoba and Mhalsa Devi Victorious on horse after defeating the Asuras - Main Murtis of the temple

Taken this from the Pradakshina Path

The priest with a child Devotee touching the lotus feet of the Bhagwan and of course Bhagwanji blessing him.

Bhagwanji Blessing all of us

We also have traditional puja on this day at our home. The day is celebrated with special dishes like Puranpoli, Baingan ka Bharata, Pakode. This is the Prasadam after offering it to Lord Khandoba. We also offer the dishes in the temple to Bhagwanji. This year me and my mother went in the temple to offer Naivedyam to Khanderay Bhagwan.