KrishnaMohinee's First Anniversary

Namaste Dear Friends....

Today is the most beautiful day, because its the first birthday of  my dearest, cutest, little sweet baby blog KrishnaMohinee. This blog is so special for me, I cant just write. Its special because of its special name first and it was started on the magic day 1-11-11 last year.
I didnt decide anything intentionally actually. But I always loved photography and wished to share the photos as my heart feel them, not just as they look. So I just thought to start a blog with the name Krishna, as you know, Lord Krishna has made a magic of love in my life.

But then, this name came in my mind KrishnaMohinee...Krishna and Mohinee their love forever. My name attached with my love forever and sounds so unique. Thinking about this again and again, I found it very meaningful. This world is all magic of Krishna and all the beautiful photos I am sharing here are the magic of Krishnas world. He is the creator of this beautiful world. This beautiful world has fascinated all of us, this fascination is the Maya or Mohinee or Krishna. Maya or Mohinee cant be separated from Krishna and I always want not to be separated from Lord Krishna, so my little KrishnaMohinee blog always gives me this feeling of  complete oneness with my Krishna.

I still remember the best wishes, all of you have given to me last year when this blog started and because of them, I have posted 85 posts in this one year. Nature, templespeople, sky, divinity everything just beautiful.  The photos shared here are mostly by my brother Dnyanesh Puranik. In many places I can’t go due to crowd or any other reason, my brother captures pics from there, if he wouldn’t do all this for me and this blog, this blog wouldn’t be so beautiful. The latest series of Balaji Chariot festival photos was the milestone of this blog and the idea and the whole work was by Dnyanesh. He is always a motivator for me, without his encouragement I won’t be so active in blogging.  

The most successful blogger and my dearest friend Arti is always my inspiration and will always be. I can’t tell, how much I have learnt from her blogging.
What can I write about the blessings of Sadgurudeva His Holiness Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj? I have no words. As you know, I came into blogging just because of Him. If I won’t try, I would never meet you all and would never know about the wonderful world of blogging. 

We perform Pooja of Satyanarayan Bhagwan on every auspicious occasion and today is also a great day, for me blogging and every duty I am performing has  become  my pooja by the path Mahayoga, so today's photos are from ancient Satyanarayan Temple Dhule. As usual these pics are captured by my brother.

Bhagwan RadhaKrishna and Bhagwan Satyanarayan

Bhagwan Satyanarayan - Dear Lord please give me strength to walk on the path of Truth - The Satya

Dearest Radha Krishna Bhagwan may this journey be the journey where I meet you forever

Every suggestion, every response from you is the most precious for me. Please share, what we can add this year in our blog to spread our glorious culture in the world. 


  1. KrishnaMohini is really so special. The photos are really nicely captured, give my thanks to brother Dhyanesh.
    I wish your blog all the success in the future :) And I am nothing, I am just a simple person who is still learning what blogging is all about... I have always admired you and your blogging spirit dear, Keep it up :)

    1. Very happy to see your comment Arti..:). I was really waiting for your response..:).It's your humility what you are saying..:). Thank you soo much for the appreciation of photos too. :). I will convey to Dada.


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