Ancient Balaji Temple Chariot Festival in Dhule

The Chariot festival in Dhule - my city has just begun from today. During Navaratri daily one chariot of one Vahan of Bhagwan comes to meet us. We can't translate the meaning of Vahan in exact English. But you must have heard about the Garuda who is Bhagwan Vishnu's Vahan, the rat Bhagwan Ganesha's Vahan. We can't exactly convert Vahan as Vehicle, but you must have got the concept. 

The main Chariot of Bhagwan Balaji is big and different from this one. We will see that on Ekadashi means the 11th date of this month according to Hindu Calender, next day of Dussera. 

The Balaji Temple in Dhule is very ancient and has a divine story how the Bhagwan arrived to Dhule. 

Today is the first day and today's Vahan is Shesh Bhagwan.

All the pics by my brother Dnyanesh. 

The crowd of Devotess to Meet Lord Shesh Bhagwan. Can't tell the feeling people have here. 

Crowd even in small lanes. The chariot is going from a small lane. 


Lord Shrama, Lord Laxmana and Maa Seetaji in Balaji Temple

Bhagwan Balaji