Happy Gudipadva

Gudi at our home,

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  1. Indujee, welcome and thanks too. It's a symbol of Mangalya, it has neem leaves, some traditional sweet from sugar and the cloth or generally Sari is also the symbol of Mangalya, all these things are auspicious. This tradition started because, today Lord Shrirama returned back from Vanavasa, victorious after 14 years, so everybody decorated their homes, by Gudi and Torans, Rangolis. These things may differ somewhat in different regions of India, but the story behind it is same. Though I don't know the exact reference of this story, but it is believed by the people. Apart from this we have some little dish made by Neem, to taste the bitterness too adding sweetness and we worship Mother Goddess Saraswati too. :). In Maharashtra every home is decorated by this Gudi today.

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    1. Welcome Ramakantji, thank you so much for wishes, same to you. :)


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