Illegal Use

Recently, wedding party for a someone related to a local politician was arranged in our colony. They occupied the open space and blocked the main road too. I had a question, is this the way to show the political status? Is road a private property of one family? Kids play daily in the open space and they were also prohibited by this wedding for almost a week. 

We believe in the democracy and not Kingdom. We believe in the power of people and not the King. But actually these are only beliefs and in practical life the condition is worse than the time we used to respect our Kings. 

While show off of this political power, they show their low standard thinking by playing cheap item songs in the wedding party. 

(Shots by Dnyanesh)


  1. Politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel & politicians are in general rogues ( more so Indian politicians-of course we also have good politicians but these are exceptions). Many also have criminal backgrounds. Their main objective is vulgarly display power, amass great wealth by devious & corrupt means, ruthlessly grab lands, , resort to uncivil & offensive behavior & rape. And we vote such candidates to assembly/ parliament. Do we have a choice? We reap what we sow.
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  2. Sorry for the late sir, I agree with your views..thank you so much..:)


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